CERTEX: We Set the Standard For Hoists & Load Limiters


 %Post Title - %Site NameThere are several types of hoists and load limiters available on CERTEX.com. Puller hoists are made with tough aluminum alloy construction for strength and durability and are compact, lightweight, and have simplified construction for ease of use and service.

Cyclone hand chain hoists are high speed, spur geared hoists that delivers maximum efficiency and requires minimum maintenance. Made with corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy frame construction that is lightweight this hoist makes it easy to install with low headroom and compact design. The hoist is equipped as standard with Load Limiter for automatic overload protection. When the hoist is excessively overloaded, the Load Limiter stops the lift.

Our electric chain hoists made by Lodestar, are electric chain hoists that offer power, flexibility and a number of important safety features. All capacities are available in either single speed or two speed models. Heavy duty motors are rated at thirty minutes. Workings are completely enclosed and compact for low headroom. Safety features include Lodestar Protector®, a friction clutch assembly designed to stop the hoist when overloading occurs.

Please be sure to download the full hoists specification PDF’s for more information and safety requirements.

Download Full Hoists and Load Limiters Specification PDF


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