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Our products are our Pride and we strive to provide the highest Quality.

  • Wire Rope

    Crane Cables, Mining Ropes, Aircraft Cable – Galvanized & Stainless Steel, Structural Strand, Rotation Resistant and Tower Crane Ropes.

  • Wire Rope Slings

    Mechanical & Hand Spliced, Bridles, Braids & Grommets

  • Alloy Chain

    Custom Slings, (New & Repair) Welded and Mechanical, Fittings, Magnet Chains, Inspection Service

  • Carbon Chain

    Hi-Test, Proof Coil, Transport, Tie Downs & Chain Fittings

  • Web Slings

    Nylon, Poyester, Flexi-Grip Round Slings, Tie Downs and Ratchet Assemblies

  • Hardware

    Shackles, Turnbuckles, Hooks, Swivels, Snatch Blocks, Swivel Hoist Rings, Lifting Eyes, Hook Latch Kits, Spelter and Swage Sockets

  • Metal Mesh Slings

    Light, Medium or Heavy Duty

  • Hoists

    Chain or Wire Rope, Hand or Electric

  • Winches

    Hand, Electric, Gas or Custom

  • Cranes

    Jib, Crane Blocks, Hooks, Sheaves, Crane Systems

  • Computer Crane

    Anemometers, anti-two-block switch, load cells, boom angle indicators

  • Cordage

    Manila, Nylon, Poly Pro, Stable Braid, Mooring Lines, Nets, Slings

  • Hydraulics

    Rams, Pumps, Jacks, Cylinders and Power Units

  • Truck Supplies

    Chain Binders, Winches, Chain and Web Tie Downs

  • Lifting Devices

    Special Hooks, Links, Spreader Beams, C-Hooks, Pallet Lifters, Lifting Clamps (Beam and Plate Type)

  • Safety

    Fall Arrest and Restraint Equipment

  • Industrial Supplies

    Hand Tools, Abrasives, Mechanical Jacks

  • Services

    Seminars, Sling Inspections (Chain, Wire Rope, Web, Metal Mesh) Breaks and Load Testing


Capacity Charts are located on the Catalog Page.