Twin Path

Twin-Path Extras are the strongest, lightest and most versatile sling on the market today. Constructed of a proprietary blend of K-Spec high-performance fibers, Twin-Path Extras can lift up to 1,000,000 lbs. with only 1% stretch at rated capacity. Pound-for-pound five times stronger than steel and only 1/10th the weight of steel slings, Twin-Path Extras provide superb ergonomic benefits. These soft, pliable slings are easy to handle, transport and store and allow users to rig safer, faster and less expensively than any other rigging product. Discover why this technologically advanced sling is revolutionizing the rigging industry and replacing wire rope and chain on a worldwide basis.

Features of Twin-Path Extra Slings

Twin-Paths provide unique, patented backup protection. There are actually two complete and separate slings in one. If a single path is damaged in use, the second path will perform as a backup and maintain control until the load is lowered. Twin-Paths help reduce the potential for catastrophic material mishandling.

Slings are easily fabricated at our facility to meet custom length and capacity requirements. Matching lengths, which can be a critical consideration for proper rigging, is easily accomplished.