CERTEX: We Set the Standard for Wire Rope Accessories


At CERTEX USA we offer many different types of wire rope accessories. Please download the complete wire rope accessory specification PDF below before using any wire rope accessories or CERTEX products. As a general warning: A visual periodic inspection for cracks, nicks, wear, gouges and deformation as part of a comprehensive documented inspection program, should be conducted by trained personnel in compliance with the schedule in ANSI B30. 10.

For hooks used in frequent load cycles or pulsating loads, the hook and threads should be periodically inspected by Magnetic Particle or Dye Penetrant. Never use a hook whose throat opening has been increased, or whose tip has been bent more than 10 degrees out of plane from the hook body, or is in any other way distorted or bent. A latch will not work properly on a hook with a bent or worn tip.  Also, never use a hook that is worn beyond its limits and remove from service any hook with a crack, nick, or gouge.  Never repair, alter, rework, or reshape a hook by welding, heating, burning, or bending.

Eye hooks, swivel hooks and sliding choker hooks are all examples of hooks that have instructions and diagrams to help you find the right hook and set up.

Download Full Wire Rope Accessories Specification PDF


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